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March Up, April Down

Hello guys,

It's more than one month since last post, so I had to write something.

Let's start with March.
After the good result in tournament that I posted, I played a few more but without any good result. I felt that I was investing too much money in the tournaments, for low guaranteed prizes. It's the down side of playing during the day. Definitely, to play massively MTTs, you should play during night. For the same Buy-In, you can earn much more.
As result of this I spent more time playing cash.

Rush Poker. In the beginning the results were quite good, but then I had a downswing and felt that maybe my game was not good enough and was just a lucky start. I got affected by all and in the end, the final result was negative. Instead of trying to get better and wait to find out if it was just a downswing or some lack of skill/leaks of my game, I decided to stop.

So, what to do now? I could play only during the day, and was realizing that some of the possibilities weren't good. Let's try another approach!!

I decided to go back, once again, to PKR, the site that I call the aquarium as it is full of fishes. I made a deposit of 600$ and start grinding cash tables. Was an awesome week!!!

After all, finished the month with 2000€ net profit.

In the end of December, I had defined the ambitious goal to the 1st three months, 12k profit. Now, admitting that had also some luck, I can say that I got more than that, close to 20k !!

Although the first 3 months of the year were almost perfect, I have to keep my feet on earth and to know that it's not going to be always like this. There are swings and most of all, I have soooo much to learn!!

After some days on vacation in Sicily, I started playing only on 5th and I continued in PKR, but had and awful week. I lost big part of the profit that I had there in March and decided once again to think about my poker career.

The results of the thoughts are:

Full Tilt: I will be playing again NL50 6max. I feel that I can have good results there and I can improve a lot my game. Definitely has to be my starting point as a ring player. NL25 is too low, considering my bankroll and my experience and NL100, is probably to high for my experience (although I have bankroll for it). NL50 I feel I can beat it and just need to practice and improve a bit.

PKR: I can't play only there. The level in general is very low, but there are some decent regulars (at least for me) and all in one, I feel that my game doesn't improve there. As I played mid stakes there, the risk is also bigger. I will keep some money there and will play once in a while.

So, for this month goals will be:
To play 4 tables NL50 6Max (Monday to Friday).
To see at least one video per day of NL50 6max in DeucesCracked
To achieve at least 5 bb/100 in NL50 and then to move to NL100 (minimum 3ok hands)
MTTs: keep playing on Sundays and whenever I can play without pressure of the clock (or the girlfriend).

Profit goals at this moment is difficult to define, as It can influence my game and I don't want for now to feel this kind of pressure.
I felt that, after the 3 great months that I had, this month I started with some pressure (I put pressure on myself) and with the start of another downswing the pressure was getting bigger. So, once again, I have to admit, that I'm not a great player, and I can't put that pressure on me. I need to keep improving without pressure!


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I'm sure you'll recover the losses sooner than you think. Keep up the good "work"! :)

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