terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

Welcome to the Netherlands!

I just moved to The Netherlands. Now this is my new home!

After 2 days driving from Portugal, I arrived on Wednesday evening and started my new life with my girlfriend in The Hague.

While I don't find a job, I have lots of free time. The deal with my girfriend... hehehe... is to play during the day and pay attention to her the rest of the time. There is one exception, the Sunday evening, as is the evening of all the big tournaments.

Playing during the day is much different from playing during the evenings. The fields of the tournaments are much smaller and I started to find out alternatives to MTTs.

I've got a nice deal at Chilipoker and I did some experiments, playing a few Sits and also playing some ring. The results were not good, and most of all, I didn't adapt well to the software. So for now I decided to stop with Chili.

On Sunday I played 3 tournaments, all on Poker Stars.
The 1/4 Million was running good and half of the 36k field was already gone, when I received KK on the BB. Got only 1 raise in middle position. I decided to disguise my hand and only called. On the flop 10xx, I check-raised but unfortunately villain had 1010 and I was eliminated.
The Sunday Million wasn't better. Went deep in the tournament but a bad move left me short-stacked and I finished in 3854th of more then 10k players.
In the 3rd tournament, with buy-in of 55$, also eliminated in the deep stage, but before the money. I finished 520th of 2648 players.

Again I had the feeling that in Poker Stars, when we move deep in the tournament, we start to run instead of playing poker. The average chips is quite lower than average chips in Full Tilt, in my opinion, and people run more, giving more space for luck, than to skill.

Because of that, I decided to comeback to Full Tilt, playing occasionally on stars on Sundays.
Yesterday after a 26$ tournament that went bad, I played a few sessions of Rush Poker and the results were very good. It is definitely a good option, for the moments where I'll run short of time.

Today, after losing early in tournament, I decided to play another and finally I got a warm Welcome to the Netherlands!

I played the 55$ tournament, that started at 10 AM! (Central European Time)
I felt playing quite good, with patience, not taking "stupid" risks and the final result was almost perfect!

I've finished 3rd and received a very pleasant 1800$

That's all for today!


6 comentários:

Alexandre disse...

Portugal? nice! did you liked?

Nice prize! []

zz_scorpion disse...

Qual o espanto? É sempre bom Portugal! Falta algumas coisitas, mas há outras que faltam aqui!


Tatyanne disse...

Zé Nuno..i promise...if i go there to pay you a visit, i'll bring whatever Portuguese delicacy you ask me to!
Stay in touch with this new Portuguese friend ;)

zz_scorpion disse...


Ainda tive uns 15 segundos a pensar quem seria a Tatyanne ;)

Of course we'll keep in touch!

Alexandre disse...

Epá, desculpa, enganei-me, pensava que estava a comentar outro blog, dum inglês! que mau o meu post, peço desculpa, abraço!

millionbreak disse...

Muitos parabens! e sempre bom ver portugueses chegar aos premios nestes torneios:D
E bom que Portugal continue a evoluir no poker!