quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

Has to be in Portugal?

Today I arrived in Portugal !!!

To visit family, friends.... eat nice food and see if things get better in Poker, as this month has been terrible so far.

In the Netherlands, I've been trying to play cash mainly and when possible some tournaments, but I'm running bad.

Cash, definitely, I've to improve. I feel that my game is getting better, but besides the bad run, I've to be less impulsive, less aggressive, to be profitable.

MTTs, as said many times, is where I feel more comfortable, but lately I was feeling that wasn't playing my best game and the results were in general bad.
The exception happened last Sunday, when after playing bad in some of the chosen tournaments, and running bad on others, I had a good result in the 200k Guaranteed Double Deuce with a buy in of 22$.

After almost 8 hours of tournament I finished in 29th place out of more than 10 thousand players! Well, I have to consider that was a great result, but unfortunately, the prize structure is quite bad, and only received 372$. The prize for the first was 31k!
Decision: I'm not going to play this tournament again. Is too much time spent, for a very small prize.

Now in Portugal, life is different and I can play all night long, so is MTT time!

Arrived at home around 22:00 and start playing...

FTOPS are coming, so the plan was to play Satellites and one or another that could be interesting. Opposite to some of the well known Portuguese players, I'm not a multi-table player. I can feel that my results when multi-tabling are not as good as when focused on a single table. Because of that, I've to plan ahead which tournaments I'm going to play.

Do you know what is running bad? Running bad (and sometimes playing bad) is:
-To bet with QT on a flop with J97, hoping that my OESD (Open Ended Straight Draw) will be completed and the villain is holding T8.
-Standing in the BB with 94, have 4 opponents(limpers) on a flop with 945, bet the flop, to be called by one villain, to see an 8 in the turn. Of course, the villain has 67o.
-To be completely card dead, to bet with AJs and have a call. In a flop with King high, after the cbet (continuation bet) the villain doesn't fold and after deciding not to put in risk the tournament, checking until the end, the opponent shows a great K3. Later, already short, I moved all in with A6s against another short (not as much as me) player that bet in the button. Of course he has AK.
-Holding QQ, re-raise a player with stats like 50/30. Of course, that this time he has AA.

And to finish, the best one:
It was a 26$ tournament with 32k Guaranteed (around 7k to the first place). We were deep and I was feeling that I was playing solid poker. There were about 300 players left of a field of 1230 and I was placed in the top 20.

What to do? I felt that I was playing good, and was a matter of not running so bad to have a good result.

So I continued! Let's try a new tournament... A Rush tournament with only 135 players.

Here is the result:

I have to admit, opposite to the rest of the night, in this one, I ran good!
No suckouts, kept playing focused and arrived at the Final table as chip leader.
Then kept calm, waited that they kill each other and then in the decisive phase, I started having great cards and didn't give any chance to my opponents. The Heads Up was easy with a very weak player and 5 minutes were enough to "kill" him.

More than the tasteful prize of 923$, this tournament was important to improve my confidence. Even after a series of tournaments running bad (and sometimes playing bad), I was able to keep playing my best game and have a good result! Great!!

I've become definitely adept of Rush tournaments, has it is fun and fast. 135 players and only 96 minutes to finish it.

Now the question is: Do I have to be in Portugal to have good results?
Well, at least I have about a week, to keep doing it here!


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