segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

Sunday Million - ITM Again

Today I played for the second time the Sunday Million Tournament with a buy-in of 215$

The game started with 10077 players, and the prize for the 1st was about 282.000$

Last week's experience was very profitable and today I decided to try it again. The game was very different from last week. I had much less game to play and two bad plays left me short of chips a bit before the ITM (in the money). After that, I just played for the money avoiding risks.

After being ITM, I had to run. I had only about 5 bbs. So I went All in with 88 and had no calls. On the next hand, I was BB and received KJo. A player bet and I shoved again all my chips. He had QJ and I doubled up. With this I had about 15bbs and got a bit more air and I could wait a bit for a better hand.

The crucial play happened a bit after when I bet on CO with 99 and the player on the button goes all in, the small blind, joined the party and re-raised all in as well. I had no chance and called. They showed A6 and 44. The board helped me and I triple up and had more than 40BBs.

Then I tried to manage my chips moved a bit more up. Later on, I had my KKs cracked with J10s, with a runner runner, for a straight. I started losing some pots and got involved with an agressive player that tilted me a bit. We discussed some pots and I lost part of my stack.

He was opening the pots quite light and when I was on the button with A7s, I decided to move all in. The player in the SB, re-raised all in and I knew I was dead. The initial raiser, folded and the other player showed AK. No 7 on the board and my tournament was over.

I finished the tournament in 370th position and received 725$

During the afternoon I was playing some 26$ satellites and qualified for the Sunday Brawl, a tournament with 256$. It is a KO tournament that pays 40$ (what covers the Satellite Buy-in) for each bounty and I got one. I played quite bad and lost on the early stages.

Although I didn't play much in February because work took me most of the time, I had a very good month and finished a bit more than 3000$ up!!


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Moras perto de mim! bons resultados, abraço.. (vi por alto as mãos!)