sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Aid for Haiti - A minha parte

Vi no blog do Wade e no forum da Full Tilt que está a ser feita uma campanha de solidariedade devido à catástrofe que aconteceu no Haiti.

"Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti has created a humanitarian crisis of gigantic proportions. It has been estimated that 100,000 people have died there this week and, according to a Haitian Senator, that figure could reach 500,000. The International Red Cross has said that 3 million people, one-third of the population, may need emergency relief. What you plan to do about this depends on your financial abilities and your conscience but Full Tilt Poker wants to help you help Haiti.

From now through Sunday, Full Tilt will be running a number of Aid For Haiti tournaments with a range of buy-ins. In each instance, Full Tilt will donate your entire rake to various charities, and match that amount 100%.

If you are unable to play but want to donate, Full Tilt has arranged two ways for you to do that. First, it is setting up Aid For Haiti “No-Play” tournaments. These are fake tournaments that won’t run. For anyone that wants to make a direct donation, they can enter one of these tournaments and donate without playing. Full Tilt is scheduling ten of these tournaments on Sunday and is also matching the amounts donated 100%. Second, Full Tilt has set up an “Aid For Haiti” Player ID. You can make a direct player-to-player transfer to this account for any amount great than $5. Full Tilt will match it 100% and donate it all to various charities.

For those of you that believe Uncle Tilty has gigantic money sacks piled up in his basement (or his cloud mansion) this is a chance to make him put some of it to good use."

Hoje não joguei tanto como habitual, tendo apenas realizado 2 sessões curtas de ring

Como forma de contribuir com a campanha de solidariedade doei os meus ganhos do dia de hoje a favor da campanha.

Eu fiz a minha parte!

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PATO disse...

grande atitude.. além de um grande jogador estás a um grande exemplo como Homem.. parabéns e gg...

zz_scorpion disse...

Tks! Boa sorte!